Saturday, April 29, 2017

Question #3 from Chapter 1 of Re-Set, The Challenge of Soul Changes states:

Have you stepped away from the familiar to experience the extraordinary?

This is a tough concept to wrestle with. Most people get into ruts that feel 'safe' and rarely move beyond them. Most of us like the comfort of safety and do not willingly move toward the unknown with arms open wide. What would provoke you or motivate you to step out of the mundane or the monotony of the ordinary and reach for more? At times, life events move us in those directions. Most often we are not challenged externally to do so. That leaves internal motivation. If we are not moving forward in our personal growth we are stagnating. It is impossible to stay in self created ruts of routine and move forward in growth. Think with me for a minute about stagnation. Have you ever viewed water that is sitting in a pond that has no external feed and no outlet. It becomes putrid and stagnant. The water smells and is unhealthy for water creatures. So too is our life without internal growth. We become stagnant and the filter of our outlook, in-look and up look is skewed. If I am unable to see clearly then all my decisions will be affected. So the choice of ordinary vs. extraordinary boils down to stagnation or freshness. The beauty of life is that you get to choose.