Sunday, September 28, 2014

Have you ever wondered about the grain of sand in the oyster? When the sand entered it brought irritation to the oyster. The oyster then covers it so that the irritation goes away. How like the oyster we are. We cover hurts and pains in our soul with layers of life and after years we no longer know or understand our core. This is why it is important to peel back the layers of life and rediscover our core authenticity. Stay with me on this journey...
Life is filled with unexpected lane changes. How well do you maneuver through debris fields you encounter? Part of the teaching that will be coming in late October will address 'sudden lane changes' in life. These events impact our authenticity and at times derail our forward momentum. Join us in October to explore this more deeply. Until then lean into your unexpected shifts and keep pressing forward.
Have you ever navigated a route for a trip? We often spend much time researching the roads if we are driving or the flights if we are flying. How much more important is careful navigation of our day to day journey through this life. Have you given much thought to navigating each day. Some do this with the use of Day timers or Google Calendars. Others do this with a list of 'to do' items for each day. While these are great tools to keep us on track with our daily goals they are not all that is needed...sometimes we need to dig a little deeper, peel back the layers of life that have lulled us into a false sense of serenity, and fight our way to our core. This site and this community of people will go on this journey together...the journey to the center of 'you' and 'me' and anyone that is interested in going deeper. Looking forward to taking the journey with you. Watch for the first class beginning in late October. Hope to see you there. Details will be posted here when the date is confirmed.
The definition of Authentic is: real or genuine, not copied or false, true and accurate, true to one’s own personality, spirit or character. That is a definition to spend some time reflecting on. Each of us are at a different place in our journey toward authenticity. Recognizing where we are in the journey is an important discovery. The process of peeling back the layers of life that have clouded our vision is difficult yet it is achievable. Through the website I will be offering classes to assist in this process. Through the Facebook page we will have a place to connect and discuss that process. If you would like to be a part of the Navigating Authenticity Tribe feel free to "like" this page and follow the community and discussion that will develop in the future. At some point we will have a tribe page that will only be available to those who have participated in and/or completed some level of the training available through the website. Until then we will continue to meet here on this page as the teaching material is developed. The anticipated start date for the first teaching class is the last week of October. Details will be posted here as the time gets closer. I look forward to connecting with you in the future and being a part of your journey to the center of 'you'. Have a blast today!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


This obviously does not spell a word so what could it be?

 I like conversation starters.  A very wise man once wrote these words:  Think Clearly and Exercise Self-Control (hence T,C,E,S, the first letters of the words).  How would that look in your life and in mine?  What does that have to do with authenticity?   Only everything!  Our thinking is a key to our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.  For anyone not inclined toward spiritual thinking, consider this is that part of you that communicates without words to the world around you.  Psychics might call it your aura.  Christians would call it your spiritual aspect.  Regardless of your belief system there is a part of us that transcends the boundaries of the the earth-suit we wear.  We can sense negativity in a room, or joy.  Some call it negative energy.  I am not too bothered by that.  I would then call joy 'positive energy'.  Thinking clearly is a major step toward living an authentic life.  We will unpack that more in future blogs.  For now, begin to do the following exercise:

     1.  Think about what you are thinking about.  No really, I mean it.  Take a thought
     2.  Jot some notes about the different types of thoughts that  pass through your mind.
     3.  Take note of which thoughts you lingered on and spent more time rehashing.

That should keep you busy until we chat again. Thank you for investing time in me and my blog and in yourself!


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What does it mean to be authentic?  

The definition of authenticity is:

     "Real or genuine, not copied or false, true and accurate, 
made to be or look like an original."

In a world where there are so many possibilities it is relatively simple to blend in, to 'hide in a crowd', to look like those around us, to 'act' out a part in an unwritten script that others around us may have authored. 

My hope and passion is to help those who want to pursue an authentic life achieve their goal through teaching, mentoring, and writing.  I will be sharing excerpts from a book I am writing, work sheets, questions to consider and suggestions to wrestle with in future blogs.  I would count it an honor to invest in your journey toward authenticity.

May your journey be filled with wonder, excitement, challenges and satisfaction in your decision to pursue an authentic life!