Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Destiny: DO IT NOW

I heard someone speaking Sunday and he said, “Do It Now.” That “it” may be different for each of us with our differing talents and interests. Regardless of our “it”, the time is now for some to move toward their “it”.

I have been waiting for the timing to pursue my “it” and the revelation of what that would be for me. I have known for eons that I have something to do, a destiny calling to me, a greater work to be done, more lives to impact. I have felt like Moses wandering in the desert for 40 years. Some of us take a long time to train! All I had learned previously had to be unlearned so it could be relearned correctly or at least at a deeper level and more accurately. During my desert wanderings I have experienced heartache and loss of loved ones, changes in career, changes in location, a dismantling of my pride and arrogance, agonizing periods of silence longing to hear the voice of my Father calling to me in His still small voice. I have asked God for great things not realizing that the prep time would require such obliteration of me at my core.

So you may be asking what is relevant to you if you have stopped by my blog to check it out. You may be wondering how I have described a chapter from the book of your journey. You may be glad that you have not had to walk my path. Here is some great news, not everyone has to live in the desert to get the deep things that God wants to implant in you. Some of us, however, must take that path so that all that is not of God is decimated and replaced with His character. Is the work done, certainly not. Has the surrender to the process moved me toward my destiny, a resounding yes.

I called this post, “Destiny”. There are many books about this topic, many articles written, self help books and programs and a litany of other information. Unhesitatingly I say that 5 steps of this or 10 changes here or there will not reveal your destiny, nor change you enough to move you into place in your purpose. I have written a book, not yet published, with a chapter dedicated to discussing the purpose of our lives being the process we go through to transform into Christ likeness. Our destiny is using what we have learned in the process to make a difference where we are directed to go.

I started a blog a couple years ago just to test the waters and determine if I enjoyed blogging. After a few entries I let it set. I started different blog a year ago and again after a few entries I let it set. I am revisiting the venue of blogging because of the “Do it now” message I heard today. Of a few things I am certain: I like to write, I enjoyed setting up the blog space, I still had much to learn before I became a regular blogger, I still have much to learn, I am beginning to have glimpses of what I was created to do, and lastly for now, I have never given up, only sought different paths to move toward my destiny.

Today I leave you with some questions:

What is your destiny? What hope or dreams burns in you that you have never let go of?
What are your gifts and talents that could be used in that area?
Have you surrendered yourself to the Creator to let Him form in you what only He can?

We will talk more next time about Destiny, Purpose, Process and possibly some other things. Until then, keep your forward momentum!