Day Job To Dream Job: Kary Oberbruner has a passion to add value to people. He has written a book that can add value to your life by giving you practical help in pursuing your Dream Job.
WANT TO GO FROM DAY JOB TO DREAM JOB? Have you considered what it would be like to have your dream job? Can you imagine getting paid to do your passion? Sounds like a cool gig. But unfortunately, 86% of people feel stuck in their day jobs? Not too bad, until you consider the cost. My friend Kary Oberbrunner did a ton of research on this subject. He helped me understand 3 reasons why going from your Day Job to your Dream Job might be the smartest move you make all year:for more information go to this link .
1. DAY JOBS ARE KILLING PEOPLE I thought it was an overstatement until I looked at the facts: • STRESS = 70% of American workers experience stress-related illnesses. • BURN-OUT = 34% think they will burn out on the job in the next two years. • HEART ATTACKS = The LA Times reports there is a 33% increase in heart attacks on Monday mornings. • INJURY = Entrepreneur magazine adds there is a 25% increase in work-related injuries on Mondays. • DEATH = According to the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more people die at 9 AM Monday than at any other time. • SUICIDE = Male suicides are highest on Sunday nights with men realizing their careers are not where they want them. (Some research from 48 Days to the Work You Love by Dan Miller.)
2. THE WORLD AND WORKFORCE HAVE CHANGED Your parents and grandparents may have stayed in one job or one industry their entire lives. Today the world looks very different. “The average worker will change her career seven times, hold eleven jobs before the age of forty-four, remain in her current place of employment for less than five years, and probably move into a freelance/independent contractor role.” Do you want to do change your day job and career every few years? Creating your dream job and controlling your future seems to make much more sense.
3. CREATING YOUR DREAM JOB IS NOW EASIER THAN EVER Kary shows that today you have: • MORE ACCESS = If you know the right rules and abide by them, no one is beyond your reach. • MORE RESOURCES = If you know where to go, the world is at your fingertips, literally. • MORE CONNECTION = If you can get online, you can run your businesses. • MORE INCENTIVE = If you don't have to stay, why would you? • MORE INSTRUCTION = If you apply Day Job to Dream Job, you can implement your escape. Kary wrote the book on going from Day Job to Dream Job. He reveals 9 proven steps (The Dream Jobber Plan) that helped him jailbreak his day job. He now uses this model to help his Dream Job Bootcamp students escape their day jobs. No hype here. He gives you a clear map to move from PRISON to PLAN to PAYOFF. This payoff is much more than a paycheck. In your Dream Job you can experience: • FREEDOM—to go as you please • FINANCES—to earn as you wish • FULFILLMENT—to live as you like Kary has provided his new book to my readers at a ridiculous price, over 50% off retail. For just $6.99 plus shipping and handling you can get it for a limited time. Kary even includes 3 bonuses valued at $119. His videos and 200 page interactive guidebook help you customize your own escape plan. Go to the link below to take advantage of this amazing offer.

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